Thursday, May 24, 2007 

Goodbye to Undergrad

My undergraduate days have finally come to an end. Paradoxically, this last semester was my worst as well as my best semester at Union. Academically, it was my worst since I did garner my first "C" at Union (in an Ethics class of all things) but I also feel like it was my most important semester because an interest in genoicidal and Holocaust studies was ignited. The two major research papers I did this semester concerned these two respective topics and they were probably the best ones that I have ever written. The papers of course still require some tweaking but I am considering posting them on this blog for those who might be interested in reading them. The first paper examined the Cambodian Genocide and the second paper was an analysis of anti-Jewish perceptions in ancient Greco-Roman and early Christian thought. Thus, do not be surprised if some of the topics dealt with in future posts reflect these new found interests.

I will be taking a year off before going to graduate school in order to work, work, work and work some more so that I can pay off loans and save money. Hopefully, this means I can regularly blog now since my academic obligations are completed (at least momentarily). I must have read 30 or more books this past semester so I definitely have a lot of material to use for future posts. So please bear with me as I attempt to get my blogging faculties back to optimal effeciency. In the meantime, be sure to check out Matt Hopper's excellent series on John Piper's criticism of biblical academic scholarship here.

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