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Sunday, March 12, 2006 

Meyers Quotation

I was reading through some past blogs of Ben Meyers (Faith and Theology) and came across this interesting quotation about resurrection:

"Death is finality. It is the end of our existence, and it as an end after which there can be no new beginning. Death is the end of all life—so that it is meaningless to speak of an “afterlife,” or of any kind of continuing existence beyond the grave. Even if it were still possible to think of an immaterial “soul” in distinction from the physical “body,” we would have to say that this soul is utterly extinguished by death.Christian faith affirms all this; but it also says that something unthinkably strange happens: God raises the dead. God does what is intrinsically impossible: he brings new life from death. This is a sheer miracle. It is, in the strictest sense of the term, an impossibility. It is pure contradiction—for to raise the dead means to contradict death itself, to negate death and turn its whole reality upside down. Death is, by definition, the end. But by the act of God death becomes a new beginning. In other words, the resurrection of the dead is the death of death.As long as our thinking contains even a trace of the notion of “immortality,” we will understand neither the reality of death nor the miracle of resurrection. For to speak of “immortality” is to speak of a possibility latent within the human soul. But to speak of “resurrection” is to speak of the act of God. Or, more precisely: to say “resurrection” is to say “God.”
posted by Ben Myers at 7:24 AM

Ben is absolutely correct.

Thanks, Christopher -- I'm glad you liked this post!

I agree, but the belief that we WILL live forever no matter what, and that faith in Christ simply changes a soul's destination is VERY common. It just doesn't sound as COOL as if rotten, brown leaf were to float up through the air and attatch back to the branch from which it fell, being restored to that beautiful green. Are we automatically exempt from the directional nature of the universe such as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the like??? NO!

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