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Friday, May 05, 2006 

New Things

I have added a new look to my blog. The previous green design I had became an aesthetic headache. There's only so much plain green that you can take, but I am rather pleased with the new look of the blog (except for the picture which is a bit off-center for some reason). I have also added many other blogs to my list. Particularly I want to single out Derek Ryan's Eucatastrophe. For those of you not aware of his site and Christology is one of your interests then promptly check out Derek's blog.

Also, as for my Et Resurrexit series I am going to hold off finishing it until June. I have a paper to write and some exams this month. But next post I will have a review of James Dunn's Unity and Diversity which I have almost finished reading.

Dunn's, Unity and Diversity is one of the must read NT theology books (along with Caird, Raisanen, Ladd, Stuhlmacher and Schlatter). I'm hoping to write a comparable volume one day (around 2010) if all goes well.

RE: Dunn's, Unity and Diversity

Isn't this a 30 year old book? I picked up a copy a few years ago for about $2 and have looked at it on and off but not really studied it. I have a difficult time staying awake while reading J.Dunn. How revised is the revised edition?

RE: The color green

Having lived in the Pacific North West for nearly half a century I am really tired of the color green. I have dreams about deserts and seek out the colors brown and red and even yellow. However you will find a lot of green stuff on my blog because around Puget Sound green is always in your face.

I like the title of your blog.


You fall asleep reading Dunn! Heresy! Just kidding. You are right that his "Unity and Diversity" is about thirty years old. The first edition I believe was done in 1976. The third edition was just released not too long ago (2005). However, in the foreward to the third Dunn states that he didn't revise too much of the material. It was in the second edition (1989) that Dunn made some significant revisions.

Michael is correct that this is, or at least should be standard NT reading even if it is a bit outdated. Thanks for the comments.

Thanks for the plug...it's nice to be so graciously welcomed into the blogging world.

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