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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Resurrection Oddities I

I've decided to do some random posts every now and then on certain idiosyncrasies dealing with resurrection. The first example deals with a Rabbinic attempt to explain which part of the body the Most High will utilize to resurrect the person. No doubt behind this explanation is also a slight apologetic attempt to deal with circumstances where a Jew's body had been mangled or almost entirely destroyed. Enjoy.

"Hadrian-may his bones rot-asked R. Joshua b. Hannaniah, "From what part in the body will the Holy One, blessed be he, make a person sprout up in the age to come?" He said to him, "He will make him sprout out of the nut (coccyx bone) of the spinal column." He said to him, "How do you know this?" He said to him, "Bring one to me, and I will explain it to you." He put it (the coccyx bone) into the fire, yet it did not burn up. He put it into water, yet it did not dissolve. He pulverized it between millstones, yet it was not crushed. He put it on a block and smashed it with a hammer. The block split, the hammer broke, yet it (the coccyx bone) remained undamaged." (Gen. Rab. 28:3)

Hey Chris,

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work!


Thanks, Daniel.

chris...i was looking up images for "empty tomb" for a project i'm working on and then i saw your picture...and i was like "HEY! i recognize that guy!" anyways, this is laura clark...i'm in texas going to abilene christian university and i worked at lemstone...perhaps that's all you need to remember who i am. anyways, i thought that was crazy and i wanted to say hey! i hope you're doing well. perhaps i'll hear from you sometime...my email is lkc02d@acu.edu

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