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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

The Subconscious and Q on Christology

The other night I had a dream in which I was at a bible study and someone was teaching on Paul's view of the law, or at least I think they were, that part is a bit hazy but what I do remember is that they were formulating Paul's view of the law in the context of Jewish legalism. It was at that point that I launched into Sanders mode and explained the New Perspective view. I don't remember anything after that so who knows if I was persuasive. This is a case of my academic studies becoming so ingrained in my brain that it found places to dwell in my subconcious.

There are other things like this that continually occur. One thing that I always do is when my pastor or teacher asks us to turn to the book of Mark I almost always go to the very beginning of the NT because Marcan priority is so ingrained within my mind. I do the same with the OT because I tend to follow the Tanak or Jewish order of the canon. I do this especially with the historical writings and the Psalms.

I'm just curious if any of you guys have had the same kinds of experiences where your academic studies spilled over into your subconcious.

At any rate be sure to read Q's first installment of his Christological series here. His first post deals with the Trinity and whether it is necessary for one to believe in this concept in order to be a believer. I know that I will catch fire from a lot of my evangelical readers for saying this but I am in agreement with Q on this matter. I do not see the Trinity as necessary for the Christian faith in the sense that one has to believe in it or they cannot be a Christian. In a soon post I will give some reasons of my own for believing this. Till then be sure to read Q's post.

I think you'll find this amusing: http://cornontherobb.wordpress.com/2006/07/01/i-am-a-loser/

Not exactly parallel to your dream, but somewhat similar.

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