Friday, November 17, 2006 


I had always purposed this blog for purely academic writing and never for the fleshing out of personal issues. However, I'm particularly frustrated right now. Along with not be able to go to SBL my truck was broken into the other night. My laptop and work items were stolen. The trouble is that I only had my paper on two places: the laptop and a cd-rom. Unfortunately, the cd-rom was in the same bag ast he laptop so the last two weeks of work on this research paper has been in vain. Moreover, almost a thousand dollars of cell-phone money was taken of which I will have to pay because my company has a very high deductable. My mind just is not in the best place right now. For those of my readers who are believers, I would greatly appreciate any prayers. Many thanks.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 

SBL Woes

Unfortunately, due to various reasons I am having to back out of going to the SBL. I was very much looking forward to the sessions, the book fair, and meeting many of the bloggers who I read. But financial problems and the need for more time to complete my research paper have convinced me to hold off this year. To those 0f you going to the SBL, do enjoy!

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