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Friday, March 24, 2006 

Quote for the Day

"If the tomb were not empty and Christ not risen from the dead, then Christian believing has nothing to offer. The Christian gospel stands or falls with the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Here is a warning so-called radicals in the church need to heed. Preaching that lacks the dimension of the resurrection has no power to change lives, either now or in the future. It is no longer Christian preaching. It is not just radicals, however, who need to hear this word of warning. There are also so-called Bible-believing Christians who may assent with their minds to the truth of resurrection, but for whom the resurrection of Christ is not at the heart of their preaching and believing. If the content of their worship and of their preaching be examined, the truth may well be that their Easter faith is limited to Easter Day. To all intents and purposes they celebrate a crucified Saviour but not a risen Lord. Of course, preaching the resurrection without the cross leads to false triumphalism, but preaching the cross without the resurrection leads nowhere: it is a 'dead' end."

Paul Beasley-Murray, The Message of the Resurrection p. 130.

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