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Friday, July 21, 2006 

James Dunn and the Resurrection

Many thanks for everyone who gave me advice as to whether or not to keep "Resurrecton Dogmatics" as the name of my site. It was pretty much unanimous that I do so, thus this will remain the name of my site. I have just finished James Dunn's Jesus Remembered. Once again Dunn was impressive. I wish I had time to give a thorough review but right now I do not. Perhaps soon I will. For now, in honor of keeping my site name, here is a brilliant quotation on the Resurrection as metaphor from this erudite scholar:

"Christians have continued to affirm the resurrection of Jesus, as I do, not because they know what it means. Rather, they do so because, like the affirmation of Jesus as God's Son, 'the resurrection of Jesus' has proved the most sastisfactory and enduring variety of options, all of them inadequate in one degreee or other as human speech, to sum up the impact made by Jesus, the Christian perception of his significance. They do so because as a metaphor, 'resurrection' is perceived as referring to something otherwise inexpressible, as expressing the otherwise inchoate insight that this life, including Jesus' life, is not a complete story in itself but can be grasped only as part of a larger story in which God is the principal actor and in which Jesus is somehow still involved. In short, 'the resurrection of Jesus' is not so much a criterion of faith as a paradigm for hope." (Dunn, 879).

Many thanks once more to everyone who helped me in my decision.

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