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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Bultmann on the Resurrection

I am coming late into the game but as others have already pointed out (particularly Jim West) the anniversary of Rudolf Bultmann's death was this past July 30th. Though I would obviously disagree with Bultmann concerning his interpretation of the resurrection (cf. Theology of the New Testament: Vol1;ET, p. 295) one thing Bultmann did consistently right was to recognize that it was the death and resurrection together which constituted the complete salvation event. And so, in honor of Bultmann here is one of my favorite quotes from this brilliant New Testament scholar:

"It is clear that the salvation-occurence, viz. Christ's death and resurrection, is the deed of the prevenient grace of God; and the various expressions which describe this deed intend to express its unprecedented nature and its might which so radically transformed the human situation. It is an occurance purely by God's initiative; for man, pure gift; by accepting it he is released from his perverse striving to achieve life or self-hood by his own efforts-in which he does the very opposite-only to be given it as a gift in the 'righteousness of God'." (TNT, p. 294)

Hi Chris! I'm wondering what the reaction is to this article from those who know Bultmann's life and work well. It sounds as though there's something to it, judging by this. Has mention of such a thing occurred before? It's somewhat akin to Aquinas ditching scholasticism after his mystical experience, perhaps.

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for the link to the article and by the way I appreciate you including me into the Biblical Studies carnival. Many thanks.

Great blog, sorry I am just now getting around to updating my blogroll. Are you a student at Union?

Or should I say, how long have you been at Union?

Hello Alan,

By the time I graduate in the coming Spring I will have been at Union for a total of 5 years (6 years of undergrad altogether). I have worked full-time for the past few years and so have been only been doing part-time school. (Although I did do full time both for about two years but that wore me down pretty quickly) But I am eager to be off to graduate school. Alan, I shall promptly add you back to my own blogroll. I had you on there but took you off when you took a break from blogging not too long ago. It is nice to have you back, look forward to reading your blogs again.

You're very welcome, Chris!

Thanks Chris.
I have the highest respect for Union. Dr. Patterson was my church history prof. in seminary and I deeply appreciated his insights.

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